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Good source for the terminology, important historical events and for biographies of the key persons is Encyclopedia Britannica Online (username: intbs  password: brussels). Another source that we highly recommend is JSTOR. See from the Library's site how to access it.


  • Oberlin College in Ohio has created a portal to some web resources on Latin America. They are listed by topic and under Latin America History you can access those linked to the cold war. 



  • 'The Times' Archive gives access to 200 years of the newspaper. Original pages have been scanned, articles separated and indexed. The archive can be searched by keyword (e.g. Cuban missile crisis). Search results can be refined by further keywords (e.g. Kennedy), by restricting it to particular category (e.g. news), or by restricting the date range. A 'help' link gives further information about specific search techniques for the database.


  • Marxists Internet Archive includes many links to the history of Latin America after WWII. There are several options for conducting a research from encyclopedia to individual marxists. E.g. under Che Guevara or Fidel Castro one will find links to many interestin primary sources

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