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Page history last edited by Kevin Crouch 15 years, 1 month ago


Welcome to the WRS Latin America and the 20th Century wiki.  This is where you will add content to the five pages (one assigned to you and 4 you have chosen yourself) to work on.  If you need help creating or editing pages use the HELP PAGE provided by PB Wiki.  Follow the directions covered in the POWERPOINT on how to create a new page for the topic you are assigned.  


Familiarize yourself with WIKI ETIQUETTE before you begin posting and commenting so that you do not lose points


Be sure to look at the ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA  before submitting any work.


Your pages must be formatted in a similar manner using the standard wiki conventions covered in the powerpoint.  See the SAMPLE PAGE for a visual example.


You will use resources provided by the Library for this project.  You can find all of these on the RESOURCE PAGE


You may also want to remind yourself of proper RESEARCH TECHNIQUES including citing your work.


You have been given the role of writers on this wiki.  Writers can edit pages and revert pages to previous versions. They can also upload new files and create new pages. Writers cannot perform any action that cannot be undone.





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1williamj@... said

at 2:44 pm on Jun 16, 2009

The overall layout of the page is that the title is of the topic goes at the top then the main question i am trying to answer at the top of my typing page and then the information goes after that. Yes because everthing i have done is titled or shown on the page. I have a picture so that helps. I have only one picture. Yes, they flow with the text becuase the text along with the title talks about the picture. Yes because o=i put the most impotant details first then other details after. The entries emphasize the same info but not repeat them. The work is structured. I learned a bit more from other entries but only less important details. The only problem i had was at the start just to figure out exactly what i was doing. The benefits of doing this were to get me to know how to do a wiki page. I wouldnt really change anything.

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