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communism and marxism

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                  What are Communism and Marxism?

  Communism is a form of government or a political movement in which the government runs the society and creates their own laws in which the people must respect. It is also a way of conditioning the society. Communism is when a certain country has groups of political parties that work to try and acheive communism although no country has ever had a communist system of government. Marxism is a form of anti-progress communism in which full communism rule is never acheived but certain parties with power work to try and take over the society with communism. The idea of Marxism first came from a man named Carl Marx in the mid 1800's as an alternative to utopian socialism.

 Website used: http://rationalrevolution.net/war/communism_and_marxism.htm




Marxism was named after Karl Marx who wanted to create a new economic and political system in which the idea of 'classes' was abolished. He created the idea of historical materialism which is the idea that there is a porgression of society, and claimed that society had to move from capitalism to socialism and finally to communism. Marxism, as previously stated, is not complete communism but is almost like a state in between socialism and communism, where communism is almost achieve, and capitalism has been left behind. Capitalism, which Marx disliked, is a system in which there is a free market and political choice. Unlike capitalism, Marxism has a public ownership of the means of exchange, distribution, and production. Marx eventually wanted to create a society in which everyone was equal and poverty nor extreme wealth exist. He had good intentions and the opinion about what happened to his ideas when they turned into communism vary.


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image: http://www.biografiasyvidas.com/monografia/marx/fotos/marx340a.jpg

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