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Communism and Marxism

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Communism & Marxism

Communism is a system of government and a political ideology that seeks to make society equal. All individuals that exist in a communist society have a common ownership of allthe product the state owns and produces. Communists lobby for an egalitarian society free from discrimination or a class system of any kind. Communist governments make all decisions via public vote so any citizen can play a part in their own leadership. Karl Marx believed that after the collapse of capitalism, communism, or Marxism would be the final stage in human political development. Marxism is itself quite a broad term that has been interpreted (both correct and incorrectly) through history and even been applied by opposing political parties. Many interpretations and opinions about Marxism do in fact contradict the true values of Marxism. Marxism has been one of the most mis-applied terms in politics. Since the fundamentals of Marxism were coined by a German philosopher named Karl Marx it has undergone much development and evolution. Marx-Leninist communism encourages the eradication of capitalism via an uprising in the proletariat (The poor lower classes)(4)

Many parties have claimed to be the only truly pure Marxism from the Maoists in the people’s republic of china to post soviet Russia. Under the umbrella of communism and Marxism there exists many sub categories and factions (trotskists, Maoists, Stalinists) (3)


By Buster D.





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Crisis has occurred between communist countries and capitalist countries many times, since when communism was born. It can be said that the battle between communism and capitalism is the largest cause of the Cuban missile crisis, between the US and the Soviet Union. Some of the main motivations of the two sides that caused this crisis, were such as proving that communism had not died out (USSR side) or that thinking that a communist nation will be a threat so close to their country (US side). Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the end of the cold war, some communist countries remained resistant, such as China, other Asian communist states, and Cuba.






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