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Bay of Pigs

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After the end of WWII US invented the atomic bomb and 4 years later in 1949 Soviet Union developed one also. In 1960 John F Kennedy Became US president and the first thing he had to do was to deal with the communist country in Hemphspeare or in other words Cuba. John F Kennedy tried to get rid of the Cuba president Fidel Castro and in order to do that he sent CIA to invade Cuba. Invading Cuba was a way to get rid of Castro. Exiled Cuban people were used to invade Cuba and were sent to Florida to create a troop or to create a revolution and this plan was well supported by air force. Cuban exile people were used to invade Cuba because Kennedy didn’t want US to get involved in the invasion. US arm force trained the exiled Cuban people and set up a camp in Guatemala and soon Castro found out about the training in the camp of Guatemala. In February of 1961, Kennedy authorized the Cuban invasion on the condition that US support be sufficiently disguised. As the result of the decision, the landing point of the invasion was moved to the Bay of Pigs, an obscure area on the southern coast of Cuba, more than 80 miles from possible refuge in Cuba’s Escambray mountains.


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Picture: http://www.marxist.com/images/stories/cuba/bayofpigs.jpg


The original plan for the Bay of Pigs invasion consisted of several parts; air strikes against Cuban air bases, an invasion force to launch a surprise attack, paratroopers, that will be dropped in advance positions to cut off transportation and keep away Cuban forces, and diversionary troops on the east coast of Cuba to create confusion while the main troops would theoretically advance to Matanzas, establish a defensive perimeter, and the United Revolutionary Front would send temporary leaders and make a provisional government. The plan depended on the assumption that the Cuban people will take side of the Americans. This can be said as the reason why the Bay of Pigs invasion did not go according to plan.


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picture reference: <http://isshinryu.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/cuba1.jpg>



Kennedy's Plan and Outcome


                Kennedy made the mistake of assuming that the Cuban exiles and also the population of Cuba already wanted to rebel against Guevara and Castro’s government. The assumption that he made was a great mistake, by forcing the exiled people to go into Cuba and basically try to convince others to join them in the race to overthrow the communist-based government. Kennedy believed that there were still rebellious forces located in Cuba. Kennedys plan was to convince others to join the Americans against Castro and Guevara, the outcome of Kennedy was a few captured American-sided prisoners and gave knowledge to Kennedy as to the Cuban population. Through this failure, Kennedy and the United States were extremely embarrassed.


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the repercussions of Bay of Pigs


the invasion was supposed to be a succesful ambush. since it had failed, Castro was now well aware of US hostility and all advantage of surprise the US had was gone. three very important CIA officials were forced to resign, as the country held them responsible for the failure of the attack. Fortunately for Kennedy, his role in the failure was not realised until much later. Che Guevara  sent them a message saying "Thanks for Playa Girón. Before the invasion, the revolution was weak. Now it's stronger than ever." this meant that the United States had made an enemy out of the whole of Cuba.


the Bay of Pigs' failure meant that the United States had lost the element of surprise, and had fueled Che's revolution in Cuba, because the population was now unanimously against the Americans.


www.yuppiekids.com (the American Invasion or the Bay of Pigs)













The Bay of Pig plan was originated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and later inherited to President John F. Kennedy. The plan was being carried out by the CIA to over thrown Fidel Castro, since he had succeeded the revolution in Cuba and changed Cuba into a communist country. Since, the U.S. fears that communism will spread throughout Latin America and possibly the U.S., they tried to overthrown Castro in order to change Cuba again. The CIA’s plan was to train the Cuban exiles to invade Cuba. However, they mistakenly assumed that the Cuban population will rise up against Castro together with the exiled and start a revolution. Yet, it did not go according to plan. On top of their wrong assumption, President Kennedy decided to pull off all the air forces as well as the U.S. army because he does not want U.S. to be involve in the invasion, at the same time underestimated Castro’s force. By these factors it led to a failure invasion and it became a great embarrassment and criticisms for President Kennedy.





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